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Compression into nothing

The patient complained about not having enough time for himself, being stressed and not doing what he really wants to do. His main goal was to stop smoking.

Going deeper into his story we came to an interesting experience:

“Not able to relate to anyone else, lonely…like a black hole, and maybe that. Self implosion maybe…kschzooom and then that’s it: a tiny black speck left. I have always been fascinated with antimatter.

Disappearing up your own ass, bailing out of humanity, not with a bang, just with a pfffft.

Compression into nothing.”

After getting the remedy Positronium – antimatter- he reported to have stopped smoking and to be more focussed and less distracted as well as more productive during the day.

“Now I do it my way, design my own things rather then compromise for liason with manufactory. Before it was imposed on me. That was what annnoyed me.”