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What is sensation method

Our Vision of Healing and Choice of Method



In order to successfully treat a person, we must understand them from a holistic point of view. What does “holistic” mean? Treating a person holistically means not treating physical symptoms in isolation but rather treating the underlying cause of the appearance of symptoms.



Our method of consultation is to go beyond the level of fact (the actual pathology and what makes it better or worse), emotion and delusion to the level of sensation in a patient. Treating on this level affects all other levels and heals in the most profound way. The consultation process is deeply inquiring and at the same time completely non-judgmental.


header_1This process is most interesting and thought-provoking because it is a true journey to the underlying experience of life which is seldom really touched by a person. Few if any other forms of therapy are designed to reach this deep level. What we are looking for is the non-human expression – a universal expression found in nature – of what is problematic and manifesting as disease.


This expedition we undertake together goes far beyond psychology and is a true journey of liberation.


Because Homeopathy is an energy medicine it works on the patient’s energetic level. Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, would call this plane the plane of the force or the vital energy. At this level the homeopathic substance is dynamic in the sense that it affects the whole in an energetic way rather than a physical way. This enables the remedy to work on the patient’s whole being.


Every symptom a person develops is seen as an expression of the entire being.


That is why it is important for a remedy to act on the deepest level of experience of the disease, which is the sensation level. On this level the sensation is matched with the like sensation of a remedy (something from nature) to touch the deepest cause, reduce the sensation and gradually and safely return the patient to health and freedom from disease.



The method of practicing homeopathy at the core sensations level is profoundly healing.



As we will see in our discussion below, the sensations layer is very high in the hierarchy of being. In general, the higher layers determine the expression of the lower layers. Treating at the level of sensations affects and ameliorates delusions, emotions, modalities and pathology. This is what we see in practice.


One can treat at any level and many treatments address the lower levels such as the physical level and the emotional level. Treatment at the sensations level is much more effective and deep acting. It also requires greater skill and accuracy to prescribe at this level, but the rewards of such treatment are immense compared with being treated at lower levels of being.


Using this method of treatment, one is able to access and unravel layers of subconscious blocks much more quickly than with conventional treatments.

As a result, a person may feel greater well-being and an amelioration of troublesome symptoms in a shorter time period. This method has been used successfully to gain greater and greater freedom and enhance life.



As we treat at this level of sensation, the treatment can be more and more precise, addressing more and more aspects of an individual.



This is what differentiates the sensations method from other methodologies. Not only does it address physical symptoms, it also addresses every aspect of a person up to and including the sensations level.



More about the levels of healing:



1st Level (Name)

This is the physical level and so includes pathology or physical symptoms. Examples of this would be: skin manifestations such as eczema, unexplained headaches, bleeding associated an ulcer, hair loss or joint pain associated with osteoarthritis.



2nd Level (Fact)

This is the level of details about what is manifesting at the first level. Examples include: how intense the pain is, or how big is the ulcer is, or what makes the pain get better or worse (for example a stomach ulcer may get worse after drinking acidic drinks such as orange juice).



3rd Level (Emotion)

The emotion level is about the emotions related to the first two levels. For example: “This headache drives me crazy”, “I feel really sad and fearful that I have been diagnosed with cancer”, “As soon as I eat, I feel slow and lethargic.”



4th Level (Delusion)

A delusion is a situation, image or fantasy that one holds in mind which may or may not be true. It is a perspective the person has on situations and life which affects how they feel about things. This delusion level is already very subtle and very individual and mostly people are not fully aware of it.


Examples: Someone may be extremely shy in social situations and feel that everyone is watching and ridiculing them. Or another person may have the idea that they are completely “alone in the wilderness”, which causes constant tension and feelings of fright. These delusions come out most prominently in extreme situations and times of stress and crisis.



5th Level (Sensations)

This is a level beyond the conscious awareness of the individual. This is the level that describes a person very individually. These sensations play out in every aspect of their lives – they may choose and attract situations in life in accordance with their core sensations, thereby limiting their life choices considerably.



We can see that these core sensations can have a deep rooted effect on us – on every aspect of our lives and especially on our physical health over time.



The sensation level is the highest level where an expression is seen. That is why prescribing at this level has a cascading effect and all lower levels feel amelioration.

It has been seen clinically that prescribing at this level has a profound healing effect on delusions, emotions, modalities and inevitably on the pathology produced as well.