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Homeopathy is the fastest-growing branch of alternative medicine in the world today. Over 30 million people in Europe use homeopathy and so do approximately 130 million people in India. In Brazil it is used very widely and there are over 15 thousand physicians there who are practising homeopaths.



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Homeopathy is a natural system of medicine which works by using a small dose of a substance which fits well with the disease symptoms and the condition of the patient to support in a gentle and profound way. This follows the homeopathic principle of “like cures like”. This restoration happens very naturally through the freed vital force of the body and takes place on both the physical, mental and emotional levels. Homeopathy’s goal is holistic healing, a goal that may be achieved even in cases of so-called chronic disease.                                                                      

This is in sharp contrast to conventional medicines, which are usually prescribed for life and often have side effects which undermine the health and happiness of the patient. Homeopathy does not suppress illness, instead it acts on very deep levels. Taking the right homeopathic remedy doesn’t just relieve a patient of physical problems, it also gives more energy, more resilience, a better mood and improved immune function. People often report feeling more hope and happiness.Changes might be very subtle and will feel very natural. This is a sign that the remedy is working well.



Frequently asked questions:



1. What is the principle of Homeopathy?


There are two ways of treating the sick individual. One is by the law of opposites and the other is by the law of similars. Homeopathy works on the law of similars. Simply put, this means that a medicine, which can produce sleeplessness in a healthy individual can cure the complaint of sleeplessness in a sick individual. And a medicine that can produce diarrhoea in a healthy individual can cure a person suffering from diarrhoea. Taking the medicine stimulates and enhances the body’s own mechanism to fight the disease. It corrects the body’s immunity, which in turn fights the disease.


2. Why does the interview take so long?


The   homeopath does not focus on the disease but rather on raising your immune response. To do this, they need to get to know your entire being: physical, intellectual, emotional as well as your subconscious. Assessing all these together helps in the selection of the medicine. The extensive case-taking you participate in helps us to put all these aspects together.


3. Is Homeopathy always a slow-acting medicine that I will have to take for the rest of my life?


This is not true! Homeopathy can give quick effective results within 5 to 10 minutes in severe cases of gallstones, and renal and abdominal colic. It can bring down your temperature in just 10 minutes in a case of high fever and works effectively for chronic conditions such as arthritis, skin allergies or asthma which have affected the patient since 15 or 20 years. The remedy will need to be given for six months to a year to treat the problem effectively.


4. Do the medicines have any side effects?


Any medicine that works has the potential for side effects. Homeopathic medication, if taken without the supervision of a qualified homeopath, can have adverse effects. The reasons why what we prescribe for you will not have any no side-effects are as follows:

• The quantity is minimum.
• The remedy is prepared by serial dilutions to liberate its healing properties, a process is known as potentisation. Potentisation reduces the  physical quantity while enhancing its potential.
• The homoeopath goes through a lengthy and painstaking process to find the remedy most suited to your entire personality. It is this intricate detailed Similarity between the patient and the prescription that removes the risk of side effects.


5. What should I avoid during the treatment?


Avoid the use of any balms, ointments and suchlike which contain camphor or menthol. These are known to antidote the effect of the remedy and help only by causing counter irritation and diversion from the pain. Avoid strong perfumes. You can continue drinking your regular tea and coffee if you already do so, but don’t take them up during the course of the treatment. Do not stop taking any allopathic medication on your own. These medications have to be tapered down under medical supervision.


6. Do I take the medication on an empty stomach?


Our medication can be taken on empty stomach, after breakfast, after lunch or at anytime of the day. The only precaution is to keep the mouth clean 15-20 minutes before and after the dose. This is necessary to allow proper absorption of the medication through the tongue.


7. Is it true that my problems will increase before settling down completely/Why do some   people develop a skin rash during treatment? 


In some case we see what is known as homeopathic aggravation. This is a good sign in the course of your treatment. At such times the symptoms intensify to a certain degree before the problem settles down completely. An old complaint that has been not taken care off might recur for a certain period of time during the course of the treatment. This is an important part of the healing process. Do not panic but inform your homeopath immediately. These symptoms will settle down completely. Sometimes a skin rash may appear during the course of the treatment. This is because as the treatment progress the disease is thrown from a more important internal organ to a less important outer part like the skin. Patients may have recurrences of old skin problems like ringworm, eczema, boils, etc. depending on their susceptibility. These are an indication that the internal problem has been resolved and the general level of well being is restored. The skin rash will also resolve in a short period of time.


8. What   should I expect from the treatment?

You should find an improvement in all spheres: • The intensity and frequency of your chief complaint.
• Your general wellness: appetite, sleep, dreams, energy levels.
• Your moods, temperaments 
• Your capacity to deal with stress, sensitive issues and your overall mental state.  


9. What if I develop a viral infection or any acute problem during the course of treatment?  

We can help in every acute situation very effectively and you will not need to resort to any other form of treatment. The medicines given at this time are fast-acting and can relieve you of any discomfort, pain etc. Sometimes these episodes are very characteristic to the individual and help in understanding the  long-standing complaint better. This enables us to help more effectively with the long-standing problem and the frequency of such acute episodes also reduces. We refer you to a specialist if there is a crisis situation which calls for this.


10. Can my problem recur after the treatment?


The problem per se does not recur after the treatment. A mild episode of a chronic problem can recur sporadically due to undue physical or mental stress. However these episodes will be very rare and their intensity will be minimal. This is because the medication makes you capable of handling situations better and fighting your stress better.


11. How long can I store the medication? 


Homeopathic medications can retain their potency for very long time if they are kept in dry conditions and away from  sunlight in a cool, dark place. They must be discarded if they get moist or change colour for example if they go yellow. We prescribe medication for patients who will be out of postal contract for six months at a stretch, for example because they are travelling abroad or are planning to spend extended periods at sea. Please remember that the medication must be kept away from strong smelling substances like camphor, mint, menthol, strong oils and perfumes.


12. Can we use homeopathy for infants? 

Homeopathy can produce excellent results in infants, even those only a few days or months old. Infant colic, fevers, colds etc. can be taken care of effectively with homeopathy.