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About us

About us



Healing Vision







“I knew it was a very special method of healing…


I met a number of people who had health problems that couldn’t be cured in the ordinary ways. I wanted to explore ways that would get to the deeper cause of the illness. I met a brilliant homeopath in India who had an enormously successful healing practice, and who taught me…it connected what I’ve done in the past with my spiritual studies and practices to what I’m doing now as a homeopath…”




“…Successful homeopathic prescribing means unlocking the potential of a human being to be freer, more self aware, more confident and creative and to be able to enjoy the life they are given in the best of health. Our consultation is a process of gently being led to the level of a person that mirrors the deeper dimension of how we live our lives…it brings acceptance, self-knowledge and health…


it’s a journey of transformation.”



Katja and David Behrens work together as a team to offer effective support and health care to people in need. They both graduated from the 4-year course at the School of Homeopathy and also undertook 18 months of advanced training with the renowned homeopathic doctor Rajan Sankaran. They are participating in ongoing training with Dr Sankaran and other international teachers.



David brings his 25 years experience of living in India, studying Ayurvedic medicine and yoga philosophy and leading many meditation retreats in the United States and Europe.


Katja studied physiotherapy in Berlin and is an experienced cranial sacral therapist. In the past she also worked as an actress and singer, and tutored young people.






Katja and David believe in homeopathy as a life-changing opportunity which promises better health and an improved perspective on life.





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