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Grief kept under blanket

grief that does not speak

This was a case of intense migraines, felt like an unbearable attack which came on every morning for many weeks. These migraines were triggered by a situation in the patients life. But what came up with it was an old grief about the loss of her mother when she was a child which she never really had come to terms with.

“Her behaviour was a shock, shocking…

I wanted to… felt responsible to somehow manage the situation.

Felt lonely, on my own, kind of craving for help but still helpless. Nobody there.

…the grief was kept under the blanket. It was too much to look at. It took long time to really realise that mum is not here any more.”


After receiving Ignatia, a well known remedy for grief, but also from a plant remedy where shock and disappointment are the main sensations, the Migraines which had bothered her so long completely disappeared in just a few days.