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To be or not to be




Hydrogen is the first element in the Periodic Table. We Homeopaths use the Periodic Table and the knowledge of the elements for our prescribing. Hydrogen as first element has the theme of existing. The underlying sensation and question for a person who might need Hydrogen is of his or her existence. Following remarks of the patient lead to the remedy which, how she told us, worked miraculously for her and helped her with her depression and difficult life situation, feeling more solid and having better boundaries:

“Wind decides where you gonna go, like a thing that exists, but you have no power.”


Describe existing?
“You are alive but powerless. The wind can blow hard or soft and you can cope but can’t do anything else…

You feel thin, busy, rushing about. The wind can blow straight through you. No sense of yourself, you are acutely aware of how the wind is blowing”.


More about having no sense of yourself?
“You…try to please other people so that you get positive feed back.
Feed back about who you are. It’s like you draw a dot to dot picture, you have to count, join another dot together in that picture. Drawing dot to dot. You can build up a picture and in this way you are discovering who you are.”