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No willpower

In his story the person spoke a lot of feelings of being surprised and shocked by things happening to him.

“It’s a mental blockage, something that could be painful. You even need to be more on your guard and protecting yourself from it, so it doesn’t happen. Then I start consuming alcohol to forget.  It is not going away, it stays with you, it goes in circles and I think in circles over and over and over again.

It’s a never ending ride which pulls you apart and rips you apart.

You are shocked about yourself: What have you done.  Longing for the moment when this experience is over and it takes so long to digest. Deep deep disappointment of something that has happened.”

What the patient was describing here is a sensation of a particular plant family and he got the remedy Gelsemium which helped him very much with his self confidence from the beginning. After the second dose of Gelsemium 1M he finally sent the text: Stopped smoking!stop smoking