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Stress Treatment

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According to the homeopathic model, your mental and emotional states are responsible for your complaint.





Homeopathy identifies the individual personality and unique perception of stress. Treating this reduces sensitivity to any given stressful situation.


The central concept of prescribing is to focus on how every individual is different from all others.




Treated in this way stress begins to work the way it is supposed to: stimulating the person’s desire to have a great life and face challenges.




The science of Homeopathy requires us to perceive the individual as they are. The Homeopath has to understand the finer shades of the personality of thepatient in order to resolve the problem by selecting an appropriate homeopathic remedy.



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Within the homeopathic system, diseases and our own negative reactions to stress are not regarded as enemies we have to fight or suppress. Rather they are understood as our own system’s way of trying to protect itself and restore its own equilibrium. Homeopathy’s goal is to bring your system back to a state where you can deal with all situations from a healthy and balanced point of view.



With Homeopathy you will start feeling calm and more inwardly confident. As this happens, complaints like sleep disorders, asthma, migraines, psoriasis, eczema, hypertension, cardiac pain and even some auto-immune complaints will tend to get better naturally.



Homeopathic treatment is a wonderful investment for the future. It is not just about helping in a particular situation, for a particular problem or pathology: the matching remedy helps people to lay a good and stable foundation, to take a better approach to different situations, and to have greater resilience and more ability to deal with life.


We are specialised in homeopathic consultations via Skype, which saves you precious time and money and avoids the need for stressful travel.


For optimum results we ask you to commit to having at least one consultation of two hours and two or three follow ups over the following 6-9 months.


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We also offer meditation and relaxation training sessions in one-to-one Skype consultations where you can learn these effective techniques for stress reduction in the comfort of your home.



Check out our meditation page. David Behrens has studied and taught meditation and yoga for over 30 years in India and is happy to share his vast experience and knowledge with you.


Mindfulness Meditation





All our Skype treatment packages will cover a time period of 4 to 6 months.



Special Stress treatment package combining Homeopathy and Meditation-Mindfulness training:



One initial free exploratory Skype consultation to discuss your individual needs.

Followed by a two-hour homeopathic Skype consultation session which will be fitted to your needs.

Followed by one Skype meditation session where you will learn the first steps for successful meditation and receive individualised guidance towards your personal goals for stress management.

You will receive weekly assignments to build on your mindfulness practice. This will be supervised.


Four or five weeks after the first consultation we will have an hour long homeopathic follow up where the action of the remedy will be evaluated and adapted or fine-tuned.


You will then receive the second meditation and mindfulness session plus home assignments where you will go deeper with what you have learned so far.


Four or five weeks after that, we will have the  second homeopathic follow up plus remedy to help you further. In addition, you will have your third meditation session, following which you will be able to establish an independent, individualised home practice.


From now on you will be able to practice meditation and awareness independently to be more stable and settled in your daily life. You will feel a clear inner shift towards more freedom from your complaints as a result of the homeopathic remedy.


If we are not happy with the outcome of the remedy so far, we will offer a third follow up at no extra cost to ensure that we have a close enough homeopathic match for you to support you significantly.





You receive one free exploratory session

One 2-hour consultation (£65)

Two 1-hour consultations (£45)

Three meditation-mindfulness sessions plus assignments (just £25 per session)



Free supervision and guidance of your assignments online via our website.


Total: normal price £230

Package price: £184

You save 20%


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