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Spooky horse


spooking horse 2

I treated my own horse, which was one of the best things I ever did (next to treating myself and many others) and which changed all my basic feelings around riding him. Apart from having helped horses with different remedies for injuries, mud fever and laminitis, here I treated a general state which kept us both kind of unhappy for long time. Riding out with him alone had hardly ever been a genuine joy because he was so fearful of every little thing and was very jumpy, startling and freezing on the sight of anything strange for him, which could be a bird, a sheep, a car or just a ghost somewhere. He became excited, hurried and tense and a bit unpredictable. Because he is a big strong horse this became a source of insecurity.


After giving him Aconite, a remedy for acute fright with fear of death, suddenness, violence and tension, he changed to a horse with whom it is pure joy to ride. He kept his forwardness and sensitivity but is now able to enjoy being out, looking around and having fun.