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“Inside it’s hollow”

pitcher fight for fly


Apart from physical and general symptoms, one main symptom was extreme restlessness and inability to sleep. Following expressions led to prescribing this carnivorous plant:

The patient described a feeling like energy is closing:

“Defense building, nothing flows outside. I imagine the chakras closing, everything is closing.  Attention, alertness, tension. Between flight and attack. Or to be inside and not outside.

And the feeling to be inside is like being helpless. You can’t know what happens to you.


Space is limited. Stagnation. Gluey, sticky…water becomes thick.


Looking from outside it seems to be normal and harmonious, but inside is lack of contact. Contact is just on the outside and inside it is hollow. You are lost in that.”



We needed three consultations to find this perfect remedy (the pitcher plant) which helped on all levels and especially with the enormous inner stress she lived with, even though the second remedy chosen (another carnivorous plant) was already creating a lot of improvement, giving much more inner relaxation and confidence.